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*Horizontal Blinds

*Hunter Douglas: Hunter Douglas Blinds

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Hunter Douglas Blinds

We proudly carry Hunter Douglas Blinds, which offer the industry’s largest selection of blinds made of genuine hardwoods, aluminum, vinyl and fabrics.
Hunter Douglas blinds set the gold standard of quality -- offering maximum view-through when opened, and optimal privacy when closed.

Hunter Douglas horizontal blinds
are ideal for windows that are taller than they are wide. You can choose blinds made from premium hardwoods, durable polymers or versatile aluminum. 
Product lines include,
- Country Woods® Genuine Woods blinds,
- EverWood® 2” blinds,
- Reveal™ with MagnaView™,
- Lightlines® aluminum blinds with the de-Light™ design that hides cord holes to block unwanted light,
and more.
Hunter Douglas vertical blinds
are well suited for windows that are wider than they are tall and slide from side to side. Our selection includes blinds made from sheer, woven and room darkening fabrics, as well as from vinyl, faux wood, genuine wood and aluminum.
Product lines include,
- Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds
- Somner® Custom Vertical Blinds
- Crosswinds® wood vertical blinds,
and more.

Skyline® Gliding Window Panels
With clean lines and a sleek contemporary look, Skyline Gliding Window Panels offer the perfect sliding window panel solution for both large and small window expanses.